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Knowledge and Wisdom

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Imam al-Haddad, a gifted scholar and spiritual sage, distills in 40 short essays pinpoint reminders about what we need to focus on during the moments, hours, and days of our brief lives. The core issue the book raises revolves around the unrelenting presence that looms above all humanity, namely, the Hereafter, the ultimate destination of all people -- believers and deniers alike.

Imam al-Haddad provides advice, inspiration, and reality checks so that we may stay focused on the path that leads to felicity in the Hereafter, God willing, the eternal abode. Toward this most noble of ends, Knowledge and Wisdom imparts the kind of counsel and perspective that can literally change a person's life. "Life is short, time is precious, death near, and the distance to travel great, while the moment of standing before God to account for everything, however insignificant, is daunting and hard," writes Imam al-Haddad.