Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman

Amusing Ourselves to DeathWith plenty of humour, Postman describes the evolution of the media from manuscripts in caves to modern television sets, emphasising the variety of effects each medium has on the society.

The mostly discussed medium is the television and how the rapid expansion of its influence has changed in less then half century the way we see important topics in our society such as religion, politics and education.

The book is coherent, easy to read and there are many visible parallels to the world we live. Particularly relevant for US readers, since many examples involves American TV programmes, bussiness man, politicians and superstars.

The arguments presented by Postman against TV are very persuasive and the book will DEFENITELY make you consider watching less TV and reading more books.

It is a well written book and deserves the attention of everyone who studies social sciences.

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